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Laser Cinema is coming

One troubling issues of laser projections has always been reduction of laser speckle to a barely detectable level.
Now Laser Light Engines (LLE) announced they have solved the speckle problem, opening the door for laser-based digital cinema.

Lasers have a lot of advantages for projectors in general and digital cinema in particular:
  • low étendue of a laser allows high-brightness out of small microdisplays
  • lack of UV in laser light can be helpful for LC-based projection systems
  • laser primary colors are very saturated, leading to very large color gamuts
  • lasers can also be very energy efficient
But why aren’t there more laser projectors out there?
According to Matt Brennesholtz (Insight Media Analyst), the reason is the cost of purchasing the lasers: "They aren’t cheap. Secondary reasons are the effect of laser speckle on image quality and laser safety issues."

Source: Display Daily


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Possible maybe. Advisable no.If you are really good with eleccronits and mechanics you may get something to work, but even if you lick the physical and electrical issues I suspect you will have problems focusing the light correctly. In addition, the light "temperature" will be quite different than the original lamp and probably outside the correction range of the projector resulting in poor colour accuracy.If it were that easy projector manufacturers would have already introduced LED powered projectors.
This website has been archived and is read-only!