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News from ISE 2013 | Hybrid Laser Projectors Everywhere

Big laser projection news from the ISE* 2013!

Four different manufactures - Sony, Mitsubishi, BenQ and Casio - presented their laser/laser-based projectors at IES.

According to Display Central, Sony showed a 3LCD (no DLP or LCoS) WUXGA (1920×1200) projector with 100% laser light illumination.
Sony’s prototype, which will be officially launched at InfoComm this coming June, is rated at 4000 lumens of brightness, both in white and color light output.

Mitsubishi presented a new line of LaserVue DLP projectors. These hybrid models build on the same projection technology that Mitsubishi developed for its LaserVUE rear projection TV sets; employing a red LED, numerous blue laser diodes, and a single-segment green phosphor color wheel.
Mitsubishi showed three different laser projectors:
  • NW31U-EST WXGA (1280 x 800 resolution, 2500 lumens). This is an extreme short throw model and will arrive in April.
  • NW30U WXGA (1280 x 800, 3000 lumens)
  • NF32U (1920×1080, 3000 lumens)

BenQ also showed laser-engined DLP projectors at the show, they use lasers exclusively.
Casio had a full line of LED/laser hybrids. The color seems to be considerably better than the first models that came out in 2010 and 2011.
Epson is also expected to present some laser based projectors.

One thing is sure, the FullHD laser-projector Acer K750 DLP-Projektor (1920x1080 Pixel, Kontrast 100000:1, 1500 ANSI Lumen, HDMI, Full HD, S-Video) will get some serious competition this year.

* ISE: Integrated Systems Europe, tradeshow for professional AV and electronic systems.

Source: Display Central


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This website has been archived and is read-only!