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Acer Debuts World's First 1080p Hybrid LED-Laser Projector

Acer shows off the world's first 1080p beamer equipped with hybrid laser-LED light technology.

The K750 projector uses both LED and laser light sources, which is said to significantly improve colour brightness. This technology also increases the light-source lifetime to 20,000 hours and enables as much as 90% power savings.

Acer says the hybrid light-source technology enables flexible colour settings and a wider color gamut up to 85% NTSC and offers colour fidelity through a system of three independent colour lighting sources.

The Acer K750 will be available soon at a price of around €1.800.

More information can be found here.


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that this monitor can only do 75Hz max at 1280 1024 which is what Cat 11.6 also reortps after installing HS244HQ drivers. 3D is also jerks when scrolling around because it's only 24Hz.
This website has been archived and is read-only!