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LLE's new RGB engine and its ability to produce despeckled images on 3D silver screens

At the NAB Technology Symposium on Cinema (TSC), Sony and Laser Light Engines (LLE) provided the first public demo of a laser illuminated cinema projector.

It's a complete laser driven illumination systems that provides independently controllable red, green and blue primaries required to illuminate digital projectors.
The LLE RGB engine is designed to replace Xenon or UHP lamps. With little or no physical projector modification, these engines can be applied to nearly all types of D-Cinema and non-cinema projectors, both DLP and LCOS.
The connection is implemented via optical fiber.

One cool thing about this new laser-engine, is its 3D silver screen compatibility.

For more information, check out the Press Release.


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This website has been archived and is read-only!