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IMAX and Barco to bring Laser Cinema

News regarding laser cinema!
IMAX dropped the announcement that Barco has been chosen to be the exclusive supplier of both xenon and laser-projectors for IMAX for the next 7 years. According to the announcement, the laser projectors will incorporate technology IMAX has licensed from Kodak. Installations of Barco laser projectors at IMAX venues will begin in 2013.
According to Display Daily, Barco demonstrated a laser projector with 55,000 lumens. For comparision: the professional Sony SRXR320P Cinema Projector has 21,000 lumens.

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Oh yeah, that's cool. I didn't know if you had already cehkced that one. The times are a bit early, so they would seem to indicate that it is in fact showing in IMAX, which that page didn't make clear.I do still wonder about it, though; might be worth a phone call to verify that this is actually the IMAX version, and not just a normal showing put onto a big screen.The reason I question it is that they list other movies which aren't IMAX and don't really highlight the distinction between them.Just going by the Google listings, the one I saw was specifically listed as alongside other non-IMAX showings of the movie at the same theater listed separately.In contrast, doesn't specifically say IMAX , so it may or may not be. Hopefully it is.Even if it's not officially the IMAX version, the bigger screen would still be cool. I remember seeing the original Matrix in '99 at an IMAX theater in San Antonio, and it definitely enhanced the viewing experience.This Dark Knight thing is unique, though (if I understand correctly), in that it's the first mainstream movie that has actually used IMAX equipment during shooting and released a version specifically for viewing in that environment.
This website has been archived and is read-only!