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Mitsubishi reclaims position as large screen company and plans to exit LCD-TV market

With dropping its LCD-TV production and focusing on the LaserVue, Mitsubishis laser-TV could soon be available outside the US:

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. is restructuring the company and refocusing its business strategy to offer a wide range of visual solutions for large-screen devices.

The goal is to reclaim our position as the "large screen" company. To that end, on the Audio Visual (AV) side of our business, we will manufacture and sell micro-display projection televisions (MDPTVs) and Laservue televisions in sizes 73" and above. On the Professional Visual Systems (PVS) side, the company will concentrate on projector sales, display wall, printers and large public display screens. It also plans to expand its PVS business to Central and South America.

MDEA plans to exit the LCD-TV market entirely. Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America will reduce its workforce accordingly. Its offices in Ontario and Braselton will close. All services will relocate to Irvine, CA. Its factory in Mexicali, Mexico will reduce its workforce as well. The factory will continue to manufacture and assemble large-screen televisions.

The company is evaluating its dealer network to match its new product offerings to appropriate distribution channels.



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This website has been archived and is read-only!