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Kodak’s Laser Cinema Projector

"You’ve seen digital. You’ve seen 3D. Now you can see the future. Welcome to Laser."
Kodak's motto for its Digital Cinema Projection Based on Laser Light Sources.

According to Chris Chinnock, Senior Analyst and Editor for Insight Media, Kodak's Laser Cinema Projection System is ready to go:
"The image quality is as good and sometimes better than a conventional Xenon-lamp-powered DLP digital cinema projector and it can be offered for about the same price. Commercially available laser projection systems aimed at the theatrical environment could be available in the second half of 2012, if Kodak inks projection manufacturing partnership deals in Q1′11."
The Kodak laser cinema program aims at four main goals:
  • Develop a projector that will provide a price / performance breakthrough for Digital Cinema
  • Generate a high value product for the exhibitors
  • Improve image quality, if possible, but not at the expense of cost
  • Extend value creation through the motion picture chain
As stated in previous posts, there is one main advantage of laser-projection: there are no expensive lamps to replace, which saves thousands of dollars per lamp. Besides this huge advantage, Kodak also throws in 3D operation for free.
Chris Chinnock, who visited Kodak’s massive 2000-seat theater, said that speckle was not an issue in their opinion and image quality will satisfy nearly all in the value chain.
According to the Large Display Report, Kodak uses lasers from Necsel, but the laser-projectors design also allows other laser-engines, like lasers from Laser Light Engines (LLE).

If you want to know more about the technical details, take a look at Kodak's Sellsheet.


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This website has been archived and is read-only!