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IMAX, Breamar and Harris & Harris invest $13 million in Laser Light Engines

13 million dollar speak for themselves. IMAX and Co. certainly have a reason investing in laser projection. So, like stated at the end of the previous post, it seems that laser cinema is more a matter of 'when' than a matter of 'if'.

Braemar Energy Ventures, Harris & Harris Group, Inc. and IMAX Corporation, one of the world’s leading entertainment technology companies, invest in Higher Brightness and Solid-State RGB Laser Engines for Entertainment Industry.

LLE states that it will use the funds to accelerate expansion of its product development, engineering and marketing organizations. They will also develop a custom version of its laser engine for use in IMAX digital projection systems, making IMAX the exclusive large format cinema user for up to three years.

What can we expect from the LLE technology?
The LLE light engine will provide:
  • two to five times the brightness level of a traditional Xenon bulb
  • superior light source ideal for 3D presentation
  • elimination of the speckle artifact from all three laser primary colors
  • fully despeckled 2K and 4K DigitalCinema
  • reduction of operating costs for movie theater owners for a potential per screen savings of $10,000 a year by eliminating the need to replace expensive Xenon arc lamps
  • reduction of electricity use as much as 50%
Conclusion: it's hardly surprising that the world’s leading entertainment technology companies are investing in this promisingly technology. Laser projection will certainly play an essential role in cinemas of tomorrow.


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This website has been archived and is read-only!