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Mitsubishi's HDTV LaserVue is back, 3D-ready!

Finally, the LaserVue is back!
We waited two long years for the announced 73" model, now Mitsubishi presents us a fully 3D-ready 75-inch laser-TV.
Yes, it's really big, the weight estimates at 154 lbs (70 kg). The depth of the L75-A91 adds up to 15 inches (38 cm), a loss against current LCDs.
But don't forget about the color, no LCD or Plasma TV can compete against the brilliance of the Mitsubishi Laser Light Engine.
With a price of $5,999 the bigger L75-A91 laser-TV is $1,000 cheaper than it's older brother - the L65-A90 - two years ago.

Here's the description by Mitsubishi:

"Mitsubishi revolutionizes large screen television with groundbreaking Laser Technology.

LaserVue® Laser TV sets the New Standard for large screen television by delivering unimaginable, cinema-like color at a fraction of the
operating power consumption of similarly-sized flat panel TVs.

LaserVue® harnesses the power of the world’s purest light source to deliver up to two times the color of many of today’s flat panel TVs.
Laser beams provide an extensive range of rich, complex colors, truly distinct clarity, and immersive depth of field.

It’s the ultimate in picture quality, rivaling the amazing color viewed in the most advanced digital cinemas. Breakthrough laser technology
creates an eco-friendly portal to a multi-dimensional, intensely real and vivid world. Beyond flat TV, experience True Dimension™.

Mitsubishi LaserVue® TV. The Ultimate Large Screen 3D Experience!"




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AKAIK you've got the aneswr in one!
Below is my initial rieevw, however I have changed my opinion. This TV seemed almost too perfect at first, however now has some terrible artifacts in the image. On certain channels, the darker color are all over the place searching for color. I see graininess and color shifting. I plan to return within my 30 day period and am disappointed as I initially had high hopes for this TV. My old SONY rear projection LCD had none of these issues. I had thought it was my signal or cables, however that was not the case. Initial Review. Purchased this unit after an old SONY rear projection LCD began to fail. Although I've seen poor rieevws on the long term sustainability of DLP, I believe the technology has come a long way in the last couple of years, plus Mitsubishi wouldn't be selling a bad product. The TV arrived in just a few days and was pretty much plug and play.' The FIOS box and DVD installed easily. Then I noticed a small black line in the bottom left of the picture. It appeared that part of the frame was projecting in front of the projector causing a shadow. I called Mitsubishi service and within 2 days a tech came out and fixed the issue. Great response time. The picture is amazing and has various settings to adjust. It's so good, it shows all the imperfections in the standard def channels that my SONY didn't. The sound was terrible at first, however after playing around with the settings I was able to activate a surround sound type feature that gave it a boost. You'd think it would've been a pre-set. One thing that really pushed me towards this model was the streaming internet TV. You can buy a wireless adapter or hardwire. The problem for me is that my internet connection is on my third floor and wireless is spotty. I spent a day searching, but found a coax to ethernet converter from Actiontec (bought through Amazon) which works with FIOS. Still waiting for it to arrive. Overall great purchase and best bang for your buck for size of screen.
This website has been archived and is read-only!