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comments and opinions about laser-TVs

Where is laser-TV?

Recently two shops - and - cancelled the Mitsubishi LaserVue from their product list. There are rumors that Mitsubishi stopped production of the laserVue and will launch a new laser-TV soon.
But obviously the laserVue also wasn't a big seller. Two reasons: the high price and the little customer knowledge about the new laser-technology.

So what do people think who already bought a laser-TV? Read these comments collected from various websites:

"Checked out this TV today in the store, picture looks nice but I've seen Plasmas that look pretty much the same for a third of the price. Don't waste your money, wait till the price comes down." -

"I find it kind of funny that anyone who owns the laservue is very quick to rate it with 5 solid stars, yet people who don't own one can't afford it, or simply think it is overpriced, are really quick to give it 1 star. These are the people who really wish they could have one.
If you want the best 65" television in the world, by all means get a laservue. The colors, black levels, picture quality, and efficiency are just amazing, which is what you really want in a TV at the end of the day."

"There is no better viewing than this... I am so pleased..UNSURPASSED PICTURE!" -

"Easily the BEST HDTV in the world. Please mass produce this TV so that the price is more affordable." -

"Still waiting for a release in Europe to get rid of my old 36cm cathodic TV. The bad thing is that we were supposed to see it coming last year, we’re now in 2010 (I was told so) and still nothing new concerning this TV that I’ve been expecting to come for over 3 years now." -

"How lame is Mitsubishi Marketing? CES 2010 is over and I have not heard a single editorial, newcast, or simply a advertisement about Laser Television. It’s been over a year since this product has been released to the public and I still can’t find a local retailer to demo this up close. I could understand had I lived in podunk USA but I live in a city with over one million people. Every time I mention this TV to people, they are clueless to what I am talking about. Does Mitsubishi want this product to fail, because they are doing a great job at it. They lost my $5K for 2 LCD screens (65″,52″). They better do something soon because Samsung is definately kicking there butts in flat panel display sales and tech. I think Frank DeMartin and company have their heads up the asses when it comes to promoting technology." -


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This website has been archived and is read-only!