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welcome to laserTV

As you may have already guessed correctly, laserTV is about televisions working with a so-called laser-engine.

This technology is still young and raised some justified expectations, such as a never seen before color experience. 90% of the visible color spectrum can be reached with laser-TVs.

So laser-TVs, although they aren't competiting with LCD TVs yet, will play a significant part in the future display market.
That's why I created this website about "the laser-TV".

Things around laser-TVs became kind of silent since the release of the Mitsubishi LASERVUE, but, as stated before, laser-TVs have a huge potential and will probably become a serious competitor to LCD TVs.
So currently there isn't really much news about laserTVs, but hopefully this will change in future.

For further informations please visit the info, videos, pictures and shop sections.

My information sources are engadget, New York Times and DisplayDaily.


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nice website!
This website has been archived and is read-only!