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June 7 & 8, 2010
Las Vegas, NV USA

Insight Media will once again manage the 2010 Projection Summit (PS10) in conjunction with InfoComm’10 in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

"Business, marketing, and technology leaders from all levels of the big screen display value chain will be gathering again this year for the ninth annual Projection Summit Conference. The Summit provides a unique opportunity to learn about the technology and market forces that are shaping the ProAV and consumer markets. The executive-level conference allows attendees to hear from and engage with the industry’s movers and shakers. The stimulating sessions and discussion will focus on key industry trends and issues – matters that will affect business decisions at all levels of the industry."

An extract of the topics to be considered:
  • LED, Lamp, Laser and hybrid devices and illumination subsystems
  • LED/Laser Pico Projectors
    (10-50 lumen class; embedded and stand alone; Consumer, Toy, Professional)
  • LED/Laser Multi-purpose projectors
    (100-700 lumen class; professional, consumer, home theater)
  • LED/Laser Professional Projectors
    (1000+ lumen class; front & rear projection, specialized systems)


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One troubling issues of laser projections has always been reduction of laser speckle to a barely detectable level.
Now Laser Light Engines (LLE) announced they have solved the speckle problem, opening the door for laser-based digital cinema.

Lasers have a lot of advantages for projectors in general and digital cinema in particular:
  • low étendue of a laser allows high-brightness out of small microdisplays
  • lack of UV in laser light can be helpful for LC-based projection systems
  • laser primary colors are very saturated, leading to very large color gamuts
  • lasers can also be very energy efficient
But why aren’t there more laser projectors out there?
According to Matt Brennesholtz (Insight Media Analyst), the reason is the cost of purchasing the lasers: "They aren’t cheap. Secondary reasons are the effect of laser speckle on image quality and laser safety issues."

Source: Display Daily


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As you may have already guessed correctly, laserTV is about televisions working with a so-called laser-engine.

This technology is still young and raised some justified expectations, such as a never seen before color experience. 90% of the visible color spectrum can be reached with laser-TVs.

So laser-TVs, although they aren't competiting with LCD TVs yet, will play a significant part in the future display market.
That's why I created this website about "the laser-TV".

Things around laser-TVs became kind of silent since the release of the Mitsubishi LASERVUE, but, as stated before, laser-TVs have a huge potential and will probably become a serious competitor to LCD TVs.
So currently there isn't really much news about laserTVs, but hopefully this will change in future.

For further informations please visit the info, videos, pictures and shop sections.

My information sources are engadget, New York Times and DisplayDaily.


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This website has been archived and is read-only!