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Lasers may become an ideal replacement for the UHP lamps which are currently in use in projection display devices such as rear projection TV and front projectors. Current televisions are capable of displaying only 40% of the color gamut that humans can potentially perceive. In contrast, proponents of Laser TV technology claim that the standard will be able to reproduce about 90% of the colors visible to the human eye.

A Laser TV requires lasers in three distinct wavelengths—red, green and blue. While red laser diodes are commercially available, there are no commercially available green and blue laser diodes which can provide the required power at room temperature with an adequate lifetime. Instead frequency doubling can be used to provide the blue and green wavelengths.
Several types of lasers can be used as the frequency doubled sources: fibre lasers, inter cavity doubled lasers, external cavity doubled lasers, eVCSELs and OPSLs (Optically Pumped Semiconductor Lasers). Among the inter cavity doubled lasers VCSELs have shown much promise and potential to be the basis for a mass produced frequency doubled laser.

A VECSEL is a vertical cavity, and is composed of two mirrors. On top of one of them is a diode as the active medium. These lasers combine high overall efficiency with good beam quality. The light from the high power IR-laser diodes is converted into visible light by means of extra-cavity waveguided second harmonic generation. Laser-pulses with about 10 kHz repetition rate and various lengths are sent to a Digital Micromirror Device where each mirror directs the pulse either onto screen or into the dump. Because the wavelengths are known all coatings can be optimized to reduce reflections and therefore speckle.


Specifications of the Mitsubishi LaserVue L65-A90

specifications of the Mitsubishi LaserVue laser-TV L65-A90
Screen Size 65-inch
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (widescreen)
Height 39.8˝
Width 54.7˝
Depth (screen frame to back) 10.1˝
Weight 136.4 lbs.
Operating Power 135W
Optical System Mitsubishi Exclusive LaserVue Light Engine
Display Type 1080p DLP®
Pixel Resolution (horizontal x vertical) 1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Video Format Conversion Plush1080p®
HDMI 1.3a™ Yes
Deep Color (36 bit) and x.v.Color™ Yes
Picture Format Modes (16:9 sources) 3
This website has been archived and is read-only!