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history of laser-TV
1966 Already back in 1966 lasers have been proposed as replacements for the lamp in projection-systems, but costs and performance of these systems have not been satisfactory.
1990 Development of the laser-TV technology in the nineties.
1993 Schneider AG from Germany presents a functional laser-TV prototype, developed together with Daimler-Benz and Jenoptik AG.
The prototype was never developed further to a market-ready product due to bankruptcy of Schneider AG.
2006 At the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in 2006, Novalux Inc., developer of Necsel semiconductor laser technology, demonstrated their laser illumination source for projection displays and a prototype rear-projection "laser" TV.
2008 laser-TV technology is ready for the market:
January 7, 2008: Mitsubishi intruduces the world's first laser-powered television LASERVUE at the Consumer Electronics Show.
2008 "Mitsubishi LaserVue TV" goes on sale at northern NJ's Electronics Expo stores and several other stores Sunday, November 16, 2008 for $6,999
2009 HDI introduces 100-inch 3D Laser-TV view video
2010 Mitsubishi returns with a new LaserVue model.
The L75-A91 is 75-inches big and fully 3D-ready.
This website has been archived and is read-only!