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comparison with OLED

laser-TV versus OLED
color up to 90% of the visible color spectrum perfect colors
energy consumption low
(Mitsubishi LaserVue 65": max. 135W)
low (Sony XEL-1 11": 39W)
response time virtually instantaneous response time 1 micro second
contrast ratio will be very high
(no statistics published yet)
brightness superior brightness 200 cd/m² (Sony XEL-1)
viewing angles amazing viewing angles (over 160°) 178°
weight regular
(Mitsubishi LaserVue 65": 62kg)
very light (Sony XEL-1 11": 2kg)
life-time ~ 50,000 hours ~ 30,000 hours, some colors (blue) are claimed to last only for 2 years
possible max. size first LASER-TV has 65" first OLED-TV has only 11"
possible min. size laser-engine needed OLEDs can be very very small
(no backlight needed)
depth regular (Mitsubishi LaserVue 65": 256mm) very thin (Sony XEL-1: 3mm)

We carefully reviewed the stated information, but we can not guarantee for their correctness.
Further it is very difficult to make comparisons between the TV-technologies, there are thousands of different systems out on the market, so please forgive us certain inaccuracies.
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This website has been archived and is read-only!